Take care of you.
Become an actor of your heath !

The Pilates method is a set of varied exercises aimed at:

  • Strengthen the muscles essential for good posture
  • Prevent chronic pain
  • Acquire good abdominal strength
  • Build up in length and not in mass
  • Improve flexibility, balance and coordination


Price :

  • by group:  15.-
  • private lesson (please call the hotel to make an appointment):  100.-

health care


Junior Suite
$163.00 /night
Communicating - Room
$156.00 /night
Triple room
$100.00 /night
Mini Vue
$100.00 /night
Mini Room
$100.00 /night


Train with us

A lesson in a comfortably furnished room facing one of the most beautiful views of the southern Valais mountains.

take care of your body

enjoy your body

Because you are unique and the need to take care of yourself is paramount.