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Between these two syllables that speak and answer each other, a beautiful story is told:

YON, the river of living and purifying waters and phonetically, the ion, particle of energy,

KA, in the Egypt of the pharaohs, the part of eternity contained in each soul.

Yon and Ka bring together what seems distant: knowledge and mystery, science and nature, movement and rest, shadow and light.

And when these two syllables are united, the brand is born and becomes the symbol of permanent regeneration, of rediscovered harmony, of the reconciliation of body and mind.

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Our rooms

Junior Suite
$163.00 /night
Communicating - Room
$156.00 /night
Triple room
$100.00 /night
Mini Vue
$100.00 /night
Mini Room
$100.00 /night


free your soul

Let you be seduced by our beauty treatments. Pick up your energetic particles

take care of your body

feeling as a flower

Permanent regeneration, rediscovered harmony, reconciliation of body and mind